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Kolga is a certified ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer of
radiation shielding and containment equipment.

Other Products and Services Offered:

Lead Fabrication:

lead castle, lead cave, lead lamination, lead shielding, lead collimator, lead bricks, lead radiation shield, custom lead casting, machined lead products, sheet lead, x-ray lead, lead plate, lead lined containers, mobile lead shield, casting lead, lead extrusion.


NaI detector shield, sodium iodide detector shield, x-ray shielding, radioactive materials shielding, Ge detector shield, HPGE detector shield, germanium detector shield radiation shielding, gamma ray shield, nuclear shielding, lead shielding, mobile lead shielding, tungsten radiation shielding, gamma radiation shielding, gamma radiation detector shielding, tungsten shielding, low background detector shield, custom shielding.

Low background lead:

bricks, ingots, sheets, custom designs.

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